You Are Beautiful If You Believe It

We always hear that beauty comes from within.  As much as this mantra resonates, it is hard to practice in an age of social media and, of course, selfies.  It is easy to compare ourselves to others- noting that we aren't thin enough, tan enough, or our teeth aren't white enough.  As adults, and more importantly mothers, how we feel about ourselves and talk about ourselves affects not only our own psyche, but our daughter's as well.

Yesterday, The Today Show aired a piece created by Dove,  about women and beauty.  A handful of  women were selected to wear a fictional patch that they believed would make them feel more beautiful, and document their experience using a video camera.  What did they report?  Believe it or not- they FELT more beautiful and more confident.  So, what's the message? If you BELIEVE it, you can BE it.  What an amazing and important message!  After all, our daughters (and sons too) look to us to learn how to act in the world.  If we, as parents, are constantly judging ourselves and others on outward perception of beauty, and not the TRUE measures of beauty, how can we expect our children to learn?

Next time you take a photo of yourself, do not judge! Do not point out what is negative, but what is positive! Your beautiful eyes, flawless skin, or genuine smile. Be kind to yourself, and to others! It is such an important lesson for our children to learn!


This is the author Dina, with her beautiful daughter

This is Dina with her handsome son. Believe

This is Dina with her handsome son. Believe!

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