Top Ten Kids Dance Party Songs for 2013

One of the things that makes our girls birthday parties so exciting is the music we play. Here are our top 10 kids dance party songs for 2013:

10) Anything Katy Perry.. seriously, Divas can’t get enough of her!

9) Star Ship by Nicki Minaj- we even made up our own divalicious dance.

8) Cupid Shuffle, by Cupid

7) Limbo Rock.. a popular favorite of Divas of all ages

6) Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

5) Cotton Eye Joe- another fun line dance

4) Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen- it’s that catchy chorus!

3) What Makes you Beautiful. By 1D- Divas can’t get enough of these cuties!

2) Cha Cha Slide.  Seriously- who can resist a little cha cha?

1) Gangnam Style.  What can be more fun than dancing to a song you can’t understand?

So there you have it. Our party experts are always "in the know" and in touch with the latest fashions, styles and dance party music. This allows us to provide your princess or diva with the best birthday party experience on Long Island. If you would like to book your next spa or princess party with us, call today at (631) 608-4710. 

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