Top 10 Kids Dance Party Songs for 2015

Top 10 Kids Dance Party Songs 2015 Our Top 10 Kids Dance Party Songs for 2013 was such a hit, we decided to update this list every year!  To date, we have thrown over 1,700 birthday parties and spa parties for girls. We have reviewed all types of music and have come up with another awesome list of popular, must have dance party songs. Our list is cultivated by our party goers, Darlings & Divas party planners and staff. It is a combination of requests and responses, great times and tons of dancing. 

The results are in:

10) Limbo Rock - this was on our list the last two years in a row too.  What can we say, kids love to see how "low they can go".

  9) Cha Cha Slide - this organized dance is so much fun, parents usually join in too!

8) Happy by Pharrell - This song is still going strong as we said last year what's NOT to love about this happy song?

7)  Let it Go, from the Frozen Soundtrack is STILL LOVED and being belted out as loud as our divas can! Make the moment extra-special and add a Frozen theme to your party!

 6)  Shake It Off - Taylor Swift - this is by far our most popular song requested for freeze dance!  Who couldn’t love this upbeat tune which emphasizes to not stress about things?

 5)  Gangnam Style - this dance pop single went viral on You Tube over 2 years ago and is still going strong.  

 4)  Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon - inspired by high school memories, this tune is a bouncy and quirky pop-rock feel, similar to 80’s style.  However, the lyrics are screamed enthusiastically by our divas as they dance on the dance floor.

 3)  All About that Base - Megan Trainor- is a great bubble gum pop and doo-wop song that caught some great reviews about promoting self-esteem to young woman.  

 2)  What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber - also a favorite that is requested for freeze dance!  This tune has been going strong for most of 2015!

 1) Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - the new dance craze has been making its mark with the “stanky” leg move and catchy chorus.  By far in 2015 our most popular requested dance song.

There you have it! If you have any favorites that you've come across at princess parties or in general, we invite you to visit our Facebook page and join the discussion about your favorite songs.

If you decide to throw your own party, be sure to add these top 10 kids songs to your list. You'll endure lots of dancing, fun and great times! Check out our Top 10 Kids Dance Party Songs for 2014 for additional dance hit ideas.

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