Ten Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas



The holiday season is upon us yet again.. time to make our shopping lists and get busy purchasing, wrapping.. and purchasing some more! We here at Darlings & Divas are moms like you, and are always trying to come up with some fun ideas for our favorite teachers.  Here are some budget-friendly teacher gifts for holiday or even end-of-year!

1) School Supplies.  I was just in my daughter's class last week and was shocked to see how few school supplies were left in the classroom!  Her teacher informed me that the children eat pencils & crayons (ha ha).  Most of the teachers replenish supplies on their own dime, so why not put together a basket of supplies so they can save their money.  This year I'm going to create a gift basket with a few reams of paper, reward stickers, crayons (PLEASE Crayola only, the other ones aren't as good), markers, glue sticks, fancy markers, etc.  I know MANY a teacher that LOVES school supply shopping in the Summer, so I bet this will go over very well! Practical AND appreciated.. you can't beat that combo! Check out this adorable packaging idea from mypaperpinwheel!

2) Gift Cards.  So this may SEEM impersonal, but at least you KNOW the teacher will get use out of it.  We just cashed in a bunch of our credit-card reward miles for eight $10.00 Starbucks gift cards!  Any gift card for a lunch spot or treat would be GREAT.  Bonus points if you get a card to a place close to the school.  Think Dunkin Donuts, Subway, or your local lunch spot!

3) Hand soap or Hand Sanitizer.  We all know that kids are germ factories.  Instead of the standard soaps/sanitizers go with something fun-smelling and festive.

4) Personalized stationary.  Teachers have to give lots of feedback.. why not let them do it in style?

5) Grading Stamps. These are SO cute.  I'm sure any teacher would be thrilled to have a few of these on their desk.  Check them out at Etsy.com  stamp

6)  Charitable Donation.  Make a donation to a children's charity in the name of your child's classroom!  We love Make a Wish Foundation!

7)  Lanyard for ID.  Who wouldn't want to wear one of these adorable lanyards every day!  There are tons of options out there that are affordable!  Also on Etsy.comlanyard

8)  Classroom Decor. There are so many incredibly adorable classroom signs on Etsy.com.  Our favorite are the classroom rules you can find here.

9) Add to a Collection.  Look around your child's classroom. Does your teacher have a collection of any kind?  One teacher is my daughter's school has a cow collection, the other loves anything leopard!

10) Thank you note.  Sometimes the best gifts are our kind words.  Hand write a note from your heart to your child's teacher.  I'm sure it's something they will treasure!

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