Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Girls 2017

If you are planning on throwing a girl’s birthday party this year here is your ultimate guide to popular birthday party themes for girls. Since we have thrown over 2,000 parties, we love keeping you up to date with what is the latest and greatest.

We at Darlings & Divas are honored to spend our days and weekends partying with the girls of Long Island. It has become our mission to keep up with what the girls want, so we can be sure to deliver. This means, we get to blog and write about our findings so we can share that with you, the amazing moms of Long Island! So let’s get to it 🙂

What Girls of All Ages Can’t Get Enough Of Right Now…

  1. Mermaids
  2. Unicorns
  3. Rainbows
  4. Paris
  5. Emojis
  6. Spa Parties
  7. Princesses
  8. Runway Parties

Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Girls Ages 3-7

  1. Princess Parties

    What could be better than sharing a birthday party with the birthday girl’s favorite princess? Our customers are always asking to book the princesses for their little girl’s party and we absolutely know why. It doesn’t matter what princess; we can make it happen.

  2. Tea Parties

    Nothing says childhood better than a sweet tea party. The younger girls love to invite their best friends to a party so they can all sit down and share in some “tea.” It’s sweet, and adorable, and we LOVE being a part of creating a party they will always remember.

  3. Pajama Parties

    The kids get to bring their favorite stuffed animal and blanket, the popcorn is ready and the movie is playing. During the movie manicures are provided 3 at a time… yep – the kids love it!

  4. Runway Parties

    These themed parties start out by the girls decorating their very own picture frame. Then the runway fun begins… Picture the song “Supermodel” by Lizzie McGuire playing in the background and the girls get to walk the runway and take pictures. This is always a crowd pleaser!

  5. Craft Parties

    Decorating tote bags with unicorns, or creating a treasure chest for our mermaids, craft parties are fun and festive for girls of all ages.

Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Girls Ages 8-13

  1. Emojis

    Emoji pillows, emoji décor, emoji snacks, what more is there to smile about? The older girls love emojis and our in-store boutique is stocked with fun emoji themed gifts. Partner this theme with some props in the photo booth; and it’s smiles all around!

  2. Spa

    Fluffy bath robes service and pink lemonade toasts. Pampering sets the scene with manicures, pedicures, facials, glitter tattoos and lots of other fun pampering. This is a top 3 for the older girls birthday parties for years now!

  3. Painting Parties

    What could be better than a sip ‘n paint for young girls to share with friends? Sipping lemonade and following paint instructions with kid friendly themes – it encourages the inner artist in all the young girls at the party.

  4. Hair Braiding and Coloring

    The trends for hair braiding are all the rage right now. So much so that we had to write an entire article about hair trends all by itself. The Divas in Long Island have been requesting the addition of hair braiding to many birthday party themes.

  5. Paris

    A quick Pinterest search will certainly show you just how many Paris themed birthday ideas there are right now. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and extremely girly, of course we love it!

  6. Unicorns

    Now thissssss is a personal favorite. Little girls (and even some of the older girls) are super obsessed with unicorns right now. Can’t say we blame them!

  7. Mermaids

    The love of the mermaid has been around for many years, but lately Long Island girls have been requesting Mermaid theme birthday parties in droves. Think starfish shaped Rice Krispie treats, shell crafts, and let your imagination go wild! Combine this theme with a backyard pool party and you will have a sure hit.

  8. Rainbows

    Much like unicorns, rainbows are very in right now. We have had customer requests for rainbow makeup, or manicures, at rainbow themed parties. Of course we jump at the chance to try new things and this is now a staple. Little girls love rainbows & unicorns, and so do we.

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