Kids Selfie Parties

It seems everyone, young and old, is mastering the art of the selfie!  With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it seems everyone wants to put their best face forward.  We know the girls at our parties are always looking for photo opps! At Diva, we've been hosting Strike a Pose/Runway style parties for over three years, and it is one of our top three party themes.  It was just a chance visit to the local craft store that we came across  awesome wood photo props (mustaches, hats, sunglasses, open frames, and more!).  For less than $25.00 we created 12 awesome props with just a few paints and brushes!  Most of the props unpainted were $.99 or less!  Cannot beat it.  Check out for more information! kids-selfie-parties

So, how to do this at home?  Easy!  Create a "selfie station" at your Diva's next party!  Start by setting up a small area in your home.  Pin a solid colored sheet to the wall for an easy back drop (we love gray, pale blue and pink.. of course).  Next, stage your "selfie station" using a small end table to hold your wooden props.  Mix in some "real" props like feather boas, floppy hats, and beaded jewelry.  Older girls can use their smart phones to take photos of each other.  For younger girls, enlist an adult's help to act as the photographer.  Photos can be printed at home, or uploaded to a share site like Shutterfly or Snapfish.

Bonus Tip:  Make sure to design your wooden props to match your theme!  Try personalizing an open frame with your daughter's name or create a hashtag so the photos can be searched easily on social media!

We know girls of all ages will have a blast taking selfies!  The "selfie station" is now available as a party add-on at Darlings & Divas store and on-location parties.  Call (631) 608-4710 for more information!

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