Kid-Friendly Party Foods

Kid-Friendly Party Foods

Tired of the same old kids’ party fare? When it comes to kid-friendly party foods, sometimes it’s good to go beyond pizza.  Next time how about trying some of the following healthy options? Below, we've compiled a list of our favorite healthy party food options kids will love.

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Divas Top Kid-Friendly Party Food Picks

• Breaded, baked chicken cutlets cut into strips with dipping sauce

• Fruit kabobs topped with a marshmallow- for a fun dipping sauce try tang mixed with vanilla yogurt

• Turkey burger sliders

• Vegetable crudite- I have yet to meet a child that can resist crunch baby carrots with ranch dressing to dip.  How about adding cucumber spears, celery, and colorful pepper slices? Have adventurous eaters- try putting out hummus as a dip!

• Finger sandwiches can be cut into any shape to fit your party theme and filled with healthy ingredients.  Try cream cheese & jelly flowers, turkey and cheese hearts, etc.

• Veggie Pizza Faces- let kids decorate their own English muffin pizzas with peppers for eyes and sliced olives for a nose!

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