Ingredients for a Frozen Party!

Create Your Own Frozen Party Theme

All the Divas are CRAZY for Frozen!  Frozen-themed parties is the popular party theme this summer!  Want to celebrate snowflakes in the summer for your little Diva? We have a few ideas to ensure your Diva's Frozen party is fabulous!

Decor:  It's actually pretty easy to create your Frozen theme.  If you want to be very elaborate, transform your party room into an ice castle by draping blue and white plastic table cloths down the walls.  Easily purchased at your local dollar/discount store, you'll be amazed how you can set the scene while not breaking the bank. Try gluing cotton balls to the tablecloths to create a snow ball effect! Don't want to use glue? String a cotton ball garland and hang around the room! Create snowflakes from white and blue paper and suspend them from your ceiling.  Martha Stewart has a great snowflake tutorial here (quick tip: make sure your scissors are sharp). Don't forget to cover your table with a cloth as well!

Food: Build a snowman! This counts as a food and a craft! Create an Olaf station, with marshmallows, candy eyes, and pretzels for arms; let your guests try to make their own! They can snack while they work! Other snack ideas: frozen grapes, snowman noses (carrots) with frozen dip (ranch dressing), snow covered pretzels (white chocolate covered pretzels), snow man sticks (string cheese) or snow pizza (get a white pie).

Games: This one is pretty easy- an indoor snow ball fight!  Have kids crumple up white paper to make their own snow balls! If you're really brave, why not let kids build forts with your pillows! No Frozen party would be complete without a Frozen sing-along- we know you already know ALL the words by heart! Why not make a talent show, let the girls break up into teams performing their favorite song from the movie (quick tip: draw straws for Let It Go, or let that be the encore, allowing all the girls to participate).frozen-theme-party-ideas-for-kids

Entertainment: A TRUE diva LOVES makeup! Treat girls to a Frozen-style makeover.  Enlist the help of your mommy friends, hire your favorite babysitters, or call Darlings & Divas- we'd be happy to come (and can even bring Elsa & Anna with us)! Try white and blue manicures with snowflake nail-art, Elsa-inspired hair styles (braids, of course), and Frozen makeup (we like blue & white swirls around the eyes with tons of sparkles to mimic snow)!Frozen_elsa_tshirts_darlings_and_divas

Party Favors: Create a blue & white candy buffet and let the divas have their pick of the sweet stuff! Another favorite is melted snowman (make white play dough- recipe here - and package in mini mason jars), or give each girl her own personalized Elsa shirt, now available online at!

We hope that these ideas will make your Frozen-inspired party a success! Customize your party by mixing and matching the ideas above!

Want your party to be over the top? Darlings & Divas would be happy to help!  Call (631) 608-4710 to book your party today!




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