Emoji Craft Ideas, Where Did Emoji’s Come From?

Emoji Craft Ideas

Emoji Craft Ideas - Emoji pillows Where Did Emoji's Come From? Emoji Pillows Pink Glasses Pom Pom Emoji Key Chains We Sell A Variety of Emoji Products in Our In-Store Boutique

It’s no secret that Emoji’s are loved by all ages, parents and kids alike. They have taken the Darlings & Divas boutique by storm. These tiny cartoon figures are used to convey feelings and moods.  They are cool and clever and help us get the point across in one character. Most do not know the story of the Emoji. Keep reading for a quick history lesson on Emoji's as well as some craft ideas.

In 1999 cell phone users in Japan were using picture messages to communicate.  Mobile phone companies noticed this trend because pictures are much larger than text messages.  Mobile operators were already struggling to support the needs of 80 million users of a rapidly growing technology.  Engineers were told to fix this problem. The solution? Emoji.  Emoji is the Japanese term for picture characters.  A mobile phone provider in Japan, was the first entity to allow users to add pictures of commonly used emoticons to their text messages.  Users rejoiced at having emoticons at their fingertips. Emoji made their text 'come alive’.  Wireless network operators loved them too because engineers figured out a way to transfer an emoji as single character.  All over the internet emoji crafts and items are appearing.

Here 10 fun emoji craft ideas from KimspiredDIY that you can do with your Diva.

Emoji accessories are all the rage.  Emoji’s can come in all different forms of fun!  At Darlings & Divas our boutique features unique items that are loved by all.  We are happy to say that we carry a variety of Emoji stuffed toys, pillows, back pack charms, earrings, socks, hair ties, bracelets, backpacks and more!  They are taking over our boutique by storm!  If you haven’t tried already, take out your phone and send a smiley emoji to someone you love!  You will fall in love with the little story telling icons and see what the craze is all about!

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