Beat Summer Boredom!

Believe it or not, we've only been in "Summer mode" for 2 1/2 weeks now, but it seems so much longer! The kids are already singing choruses of "I'm Bored" and "I have nothing to do!" So, how do you beat the Summer boredom, especially on rainy, thunderstorm days?

Here's our quick list of go-to activities for our kids. We hope you like them!

  • bake cookies (or a cake, or a pie or brownies)- seriously, who doesn't love fresh baked goods! (ok, maybe not the mid-section, but it's all in the name of keeping our kids occupied, right?) My kids LOVE to bake and I feel good knowing that following directions and measuring is keeping them sharp for back-to-school. Bonus- take those cookies outside and have a lemonade stand/cookie sale!
  • hit the library - it amazes me how many moms & dads forget about the library. Many libraries have free (FREE!) programs throughout the summer, reading clubs, iPads, computer games, puzzles, etc. Did I mention it's FREE? Get a library card now- what are you waiting for. Plus, letting kids pick out their own books gives them incentive to read more.. something we want!DarlingsDivas-CupcakeCamp
  • craft it up - my kids love ANYTHING to do with paint, tape and glue! We're big on collecting seashells on beach days and then painting them on rainy days. They make super-cute walk way decorations or gifts for the grandparents. Want to get super fancy? Display a masterpiece in a shadow box! Just line with scrapbook paper and hot glue your project- instant memory maker (this also works well with vacation mementos).
  • build a fort- seriously.. remember forts? When I was a kid my Aunt let us overtake her bedroom and rip all the sheets off the bed. There was a precarious system of chairs, pillows and books in place to suspend the flat sheet over our heads. I know it sounds like a mess for you (ok, maybe it is a little) but your kids will be busy for hours AND this is the type of creative thinking you want to foster in kids!

Still need help? Why not send your Diva to our Summer Glamour Camp? Each week features amazing themes with supporting crafts! Themes include make-your-own makeup day, make-your-own jewelry day, cupcake day (girls make their own aprons and then decorate cupcakes), Snowflakes in Summer (our Frozen-inspired day), and more! There's also plenty of dancing and free-time for our girls to get to know each other, play, and build self esteem!

Lunch is included in camp tuition as is all craft supplies. For more information on our Glamour Camp, please click here.

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