Back to School Lunch Ideas 2014

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Believe it or not, kids will be back-to-school in less than three weeks! While I am counting down the minutes until the "mean yellow machine" makes its appearance at our door, the idea of coming up with healthy and acceptable-to-kids lunch ideas has me head-scratching. How to reconcile the demands of two picky kids with nutrition and the allergy concerns of classmates? Gone are the days when I could just pop a PB & J into the lunch bag and think, "at least it has protein".

For a while, my kids were BEGGING for Lunchables. Why not make your own? These divided containers from Ziploc are life savers! Sold in Walmart and Target and super affordable, the sections remain water tight.Back To School Lunch Ideas 2014 They fit in standard lunch boxes and the kids LOVE having variety. Furthermore, use of these awesome containers will save you on ziplock bags and aluminum foil.

So- what to put in them! In the main compartment we have put the following:

  • left over pizza (we make our own- and seriously, who doesn't like cold pizza)
  • left over chicken or steak
  • sandwich
  • turkey-roll ups (my kids prefer JUST cold cuts as opposed to full sandwiches)

In the medium compartment we've put:

  • Apple Sauce (those fruit cups fit perfectly)
  • grapes
  • crackers (goes great with the cold-cut roll ups)
  • blueberries
  • graham crackers
  • cheddar bunnies (like organic goldfish)
  • cucumber slices
  • red pepper slices

The small compartment we reserve for sweet snacks and condiments (I've put ketchup or salad dressing- and trust me- they do NOT leak)

Have left overs? Why not send your kids in with a hot lunch? My kids have been known to take in soup, pasta with red sauce, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets are more. funtainer Thermos FUNtainers are great. Available at Target or online at, these jars have a 10 ounce capacity and keep food hot for 5 hours or cold for 7.  Think outside the box- you don't need to fill these with just liquids. I've put heated chicken nuggets and steak pieces in these jars.

Remember- you can make  lunch out of anything- you don't need to be relegated to sandwiches, and you can definitely make your own lunchables. Looking for lunch bags your Diva will be happy to carry? Check out our boutique for a selection of the coolest lunch bags around!

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