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Emoji Craft Ideas, Where Did Emoji’s Come From?

It’s no secret that Emoji’s are loved by all ages, parents and kids alike. They have taken the Darlings & Divas boutique by storm. These tiny cartoon figures are used to convey feelings and moods.  They are cool and clever and help us get the point across in one character. Most do not know the…
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Manicure Madness.

One of the biggest fashion trends the past 2 years hasn't been in clothing, but in makeup… more specifically, manicures!  Changing up your manicure is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of staying "trendy" without breaking the bank.  Don't think you need to spend big money at fancy makeup stores like Sephora to get…
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New Favor- Custom Nail Polish!

Looking for an awesome party favor for your Diva's next party?  How about her own custom nail polish?  Truly custom and absolutely unique, your Diva picks her base and glitter color to create a nail polish that matches her personality! Custom nail polish favors start at $10.  Please allow 3 weeks to create your custom…
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Back to School 2013! Be Prepared!

The air is getting cooler at night, and we found ourselves reaching for a long-sleeved shirt today.  That can only mean one thing; back to school! Are you ready for back-to-school?  Us either!  It seems school JUST let out for Summer.. and we definitely need to get some more beach days in before the kiddies…
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